Aldebaran Commodities B.V. is able to supply you with all known counts in all desired quantities for peanuts, cashews and sunflower kernels. We source our products directly from origins where we have established and developed solid and trustworthy relationships throughout the years. Therefore both Aldebaran and her suppliers are working together to meet client requirements in all aspects of the business, which gives us an advantage in the market and gives us the possibility to ensure consistency in both quality and supply.

For any questions on available products, please contact our Trade Department at trade@aldebaran.nl

Aldebaran Commodities has been importing peanuts from several origins and selling them to a worldwide group of clients for over 16 years now. We are always in close contact with producers to get the best prices and the most accurate information regarding issues ranging from planting figures and the weather forecast to crop prognosis and the latest market developments. This way we have established ourselves as one of the most reliable and proffessional suppliers in the market to ensure that our clients receive not only the best prices but also the latest information from worldwide origin markets. Click here to see our selection of peanuts.

Although cashews are relatively new in our assortment, we have been closely involved in the market for many years. We are able to offer the cashews from the known origins in several counts. Recently we are seeing an increase in client interest. Click here to see our selection of Cashews.

These delicious seeds are the most recently included product that we are offering to worldwide customers. We have been closely involved in the market for many years. We are able to offer the sunflower kernels from the known origins in several types. Upon request we can make you an offer for sunflower kernels.